The Point offers extensive content of various types on a variety of subjects. If you are looking to reprint, republish or reuse our content, we may require that you procure a license. The information below provides answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding licensing our content, as well as guidelines for circumstances when you may not need to reach out to us directly for a license.

What can I do with The Point content without a license?

There are several ways you can share our content that does not require a license or permission from us. You may, for example, share our content by using the integrated share tools present in the upper part of every content page (e.g. the share button or embed codes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc). You may also e.g. post the headline of an article and a link back to our website on other websites or social media channels.

May I use your content in a classroom for non-commercial educational use?

Any number of articles appearing in The Point may work as source material or may provide valuable insight for students. Consequently, we permit educational use of this content under the guidelines below. These guidelines apply for non-profit, non-commercial educational use only (high school/college/university).

Please note: Commercial educational publishers (e.g. textbook publishers), events that require tickets and/or entrance fees, various fundraisers etc. promoting a cause or any commercial use, do not qualify for permitted use under these terms. These must submit a request for a license.

You may provide print handouts of editorial articles from The Point on a limited basis in classrooms with no more than 100 students. Classrooms with a higher volume use should contact us with their request. Hand-outs must not alter or edit the original context of the article in any way. Hand-outs must be print only, may not be posted for download or display on online education systems and may not be republished on any websites or digital platforms. Attribution should be maintained on all hand-outs and should include the name of the website, writer, original publication date, and URL for the original article.

May I translate and/or republish your work on my blog/website/social media account/YouTube channel etc.?

We are honored by your interest in our content and your wish to share it with your community. However, we do not grant individuals permission to translate and reprint, re-post or upload our content on personal YouTube channels, social media, blogs, websites, etc. Please note that any unauthorized translations and publications of our work will be treated as a violation of our intellectual property rights and be dealt with accordingly.

Please note that our content may be published on platforms enabling community translations through their services or tools. You must comply with the guidelines of those translation services or tools at all times. We do not approve translations sent to us directly or respond to requests for such tools to be enabled.

You reviewed my company/product/service. May I use quote(s) in my advertising?

We often review consumer products and services of various types. If we have reviewed your product/service and you are interested in using a quote from that article in any advertising or promotion, please follow the guidelines below:

– Quotes must be no more than three sentences in length.
– Quotes must be accompanied by prominent attribution to The Point.
– Quotes must not suggest an affiliation between The Point and your brand or imply a paid product endorsement.
– Quotes should link to the source article where possible and appropriate.
– Quotes must not be in any way paraphrased, taken out-of-context or mislead from their original use in our review.

Other than the guidelines presented above, we are unable to facilitate requests for use of quotes in advertising and promotion. To the extent your organization or client requires you to demonstrate that you have permission for use of our quotes, please direct them to this page.

My question is not answered here. How do I license The Point content?

We evaluate requests to license content on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in re-using our content and your intended use is not covered in these guidelines, please contact The Point at [email protected]. Please note that such requests typically require a licensing fee and a signed license agreement.

(Updated: July 20th, 2022)