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Choose the perfect TV: all you need to know

Choose the perfect TV: all you need to know

Clear, focused guides and other information that will help you pick the right TV set among the dozens available in the market today
Picking up a new television in 2022 can be a frustrating experience. It does not have to be. This hub contains all the information consumers need in order to make the best choice for their needs and much more besides. (Image: Sony)

Every year millions of people decide to get a new TV for their home , so every year more than a dozen different manufacturers bring out more than three hundred different TV models in total, making the choice between any one of those rather tricky. What’s more, it does not seem to get any easier: new tech jargon gets routinely thrown around in the latest marketing campaigns in the hopes of impressing consumers, in practice only confusing them further.

There must be an easier way to choose a good TV set these days, no? A way for each consumer to find the perfect TV for his/her needs, even! Well, that is exactly what this hub in The Point strives to offer: all the information consumers need in order to make the right choice for their next TV set based on their specific use cases, favorite content and budget.

This hub is divided into three sections. The main one is dedicated to the ten buying guides/explainers about modern TVs, another one contains articles focusing on key TV tech and developments in general, while the last one offers reviews of specific TV models. Each section is regularly updated with new articles as they are published in The Point. Questions, suggestions or comments all welcome!


Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Which display tech to go for?
There may be only three available options but it’s still complicated. Here’s some help.

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Pick a spot and a time of day, you say?
Taking viewing habits and lighting conditions into account can help avoid an expensive mistake. Here’s how.

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: How big, how far?
Viewing distance and ideal screen size go hand in hand, here’s how they should be matched for maximum effect

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Stay at 4K or go 8K?
The extra millions of pixels may or may not be worth the extra money, here’s how to decide

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Here’s what to look for, sports fans
Not all TVs can display sports content in the same clear, smooth manner – here’s what makes all the difference

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Here’s what to look for, movie fans
What the experts call “a cinematic picture” is defined in specific ways, here’s the full rundown

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Here’s what to look for, gamers
All TVs can display video games just fine, but gaming TVs do modern titles justice by offering these specific features

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: Which Smart TV platform to choose?
Four main options and a number of differences between them, here’s what’s worth keeping in mind

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: All the extras that matter
Modern televisions feature various supplementary functions these days, here are the most helpful ones

Choose the Perfect TV 2022: So, you just got it! Now what?
A few things to do right away, a couple of things to consider doing at some point down the line


8K TVs caught in a vicious circle, not going mainstream anytime soon
Analysts and consumers are definitely not impressed, TV manufacturers potentially in trouble

QD-OLED beyond the hype: five things to keep in mind
The latest TV technology put into perspective, here’s what consumers need to know

OLED TV vs QD-OLED TV vs LED/LCD TV in 2022: how to choose
All current display technologies compared, pick the right one for your next TV purchase

Seven 2021 TVs Still Worth Getting in 2022
Want to get a high-quality television for much less than usual? These are the best options.

Battle of the OLEDs 2022: the pre-match
Samsung, Sony and LG prepare for an all-out war in the TV market, here’s where they currently stand

Samsung takes the market by surprise with its QD-OLED TVs
The Koreans go from stealth mode to general availability in a few weeks – so what’s the good news and the bad news?

QD-OLED: Can it bring about a TV market shake-up in 2022?
There are reasons why it could go either way, here’s what the odds look like

CES 2022: And Just Like That, TVs Are Exciting Again
Televisions finally make real progress just in time for the FIFA World Cup - here’s why it matters

CES 2022: Sony Gets Into the MiniLED TV Game Too
The Japanese to face Samsung and LG on all fronts this year, 8K and 4K models included

CES 2022: LG Fails to Excite with Its New TVs
The Koreans stay on the same predictable path, may find it hard to compete during a World Cup year

CES 2022: Sony Launches the World’s First QD-OLED TVs
Picture quality higher than that of OLED TVs promised, a face-off with Samsung’s models all but certain

CES 2022: Samsung Focuses on Software for its 2022 Smart TVs
New MicroLED and MiniLED product lines, a host of new features and a few surprises… of all kinds

LG Display Promises Brighter OLED Panels for 2022
Great! But then again… we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? Hey, wait a minute!

Android TV 12: Another one for the devs
An interesting upgrade that may or may not find its way to consumers’ current televisions - unless…

LG to play it safe with OLED TV models in 2022
The Koreans seem to be going down the same old path, we’re all hoping for some unexpected news at CES

8K TVs Going Nowhere Fast, Analysts Note and Predict
There are clear indications pointing to what many of us suspected, this is how it can be handled

LG OLED TVs: a notable milestone ahead of serious challenges
Sales of ten million anything is nothing to sniff at, but may it have taken too long after all?

Affordable MicroLED TVs drifting far, far away… again
Samsung to only bring out models larger than 89 inches in 2022, prices will probably be exorbitant

Samsung QD-OLED: Can it upset the TV status quo in 2022?
The Koreans are making moves to achieve just that, we may find out sooner rather than later

What is NanoLED and why should you care?
Another display tech on the horizon, this one promising big things for a wide range of devices


Sony Bravia X90K review
Not the perfect TV but, for its intended target group, something really close to it

Samsung The Frame review
A Smart Painting for the 21st century in all but name

Samsung Neo QLED 85QN900A review
A MiniLED wonder, a compelling case for quality 8K sets at long last

Sony Bravia 65A90J review
Untouchable cinematic picture… with a price to match

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